Tailoring solutions to customer's needs.

Mineral Flotation

The combination of customers’ knowledge of its own flotation process and our long experience in polymers manufacturing and application is the keys to improve industrial results. We focus on depressant chemistry providing customized samples for the testing. The feedback of our customers allows us to fine tune chemical properties of the polymer.

We provide a set of samples with defined  chemical characteristics for testing at the mine laboratory.

Jointly with  mine metallurgist we discuss results and indentify which samples have achieved the better results in order to identify the right chemicals specifications of depressants.

Based on previous analysis we provide new samples customized for that specific flotation process.


Key parameters of the pelletization process, like moisture surface, surface finishing, green, dry and fired compression strength, plasticity, drop numbers, should be controlled in a rigorous way. In our dedicated laboratory, equipped with a pelletization tire and a 60 cm diameter disc, we optimize our organic binder formulation directly on the iron ore of our customers in order to achieve all these parameters.

Starting from a pellet feed sample provided from the customer we study the right formulation and right dosage. Accordingly to our customer requirements we can study different pellet feed, different moisture level and optimize organic binder usage.

We provide full technical assistance at the customers’ pellet plants.

Bentonite Extenders

Our deep knowledge in bentonite-polymer interaction allows us to optimize bentonite extender formulations in order to achieve the target results. In our laboratory, we develop the best cost/performance extender starting from bentonite sample provided from the customer.

Specific request in terms of dosages, potential contamination, water hardness can be evaluated in our laboratories providing comprehensible report to our customers.